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Hand made. Fresh. No shortcuts.

Handcrafted doughnuts made fresh every morning 
using the best quality ingredients


Dough Girls was born out of the love of feeding people delicious things. Nothing makes us happier than people enjoying our doughnuts - we live for the "Mmmmm!"

We’re also a bit coffee (& tea) obsessed too. And what goes better together than coffee and doughnuts!

But it wasn’t enough for us to make just any ordinary doughnuts. We set out to make the best doughnuts we can - in quality, taste and ingredients. That's why each Dough Girls doughnut is hand made from start to finish - we make the dough using our own sourdough starter, roll and cut each one out by hand, fry it gently in pure rapeseed oil and decorate it with glazes and toppings we make in-house. It takes a lot of work to make each and every doughnut fresh every single day, but we think you're worth it!

Being naturally very discerning, it was only right that we make what we’d like to eat or buy ourselves. On top of that we’ve strongly felt that businesses have a great responsibility, not only feeding the good people that buy their products, but also for the waste that results from doing what we do. That’s why it was also really important for us to do this with an eye firmly on the environment. We champion local producers and use organic ingredients as much as possible. All our packaging is recyclable or compostable, and we only sell bottled drinks in glass bottles. 

After spending far too many years daydreaming whilst sitting at our desks, the family came together to make it happen and Dough Girls Doughnuts was born. Coming from a background in the food and bakery industry, we’re a family team of baristas and bakers who take pride in every doughnut and every drink we serve.



Autumn opening hours:

Wednesday & Thursday:

8.00 to 18.00

7.30 to 18.00

Saturday & Sunday:

9.00 to 18.00

Closed every Monday & Tuesday


Find us

Shop, café & kitchen:

Frederiksborggade 50 

1360 Copenhagen K

(+45) 31 50 23 45


Shop & kitchen:
Frederiksborggade 50 
1360 Copenhagen K 



(+45) 31 50 23 45

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